Opening Hours 

We will be reopening the Friday and Saturday Nights 

from January 2022 

Monday                    12pm (midday) - 10pm

Tuesday                    12pm (midday) - 10pm

Wednesday               12pm (midday) - 10pm

Thursday                   12pm (midday) - 10pm 

Friday                        12pm (midday) - 10pm

Saturday                   12pm (midday) - 10pm

Sunday                      12pm (midday) - 10pm

Christmas Opening

Thursday         23th December        OPEN

Friday              24th December    CLOSED

Saturday         25th December    CLOSED

Sunday            26th December    CLOSED

Monday            27th December        OPEN

Tuesday           28th December        OPEN

Wednesday      29th December        OPEN

Thursday         30th December        OPEN

Friday              31st   December    CLOSED

Saturday         1st      January     CLOSED

Sunday            2nd    January         OPEN

Entry Price  


Coming soon 

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